What are you looking for?

Our layout, seating and even our menu has changed a little in the last couple of years, and while we love our new additions, its important for you to know about them too! We’ve compiled your top 5 most asked questions and answered them below. If you have any more, just message us on social media and we will answer as best we can.

  1. Do you have vegan alternatives?

We are so proud to have a full vegan menu at Timbertrove. We have vegan sandwiches and vegan alternatives to our most popular veggie sandwiches, a vegan scone with vegan jam and cream, a raw energy vegan caramel square, a vegan peanut butter and dark chocolate cookie, and lots of plant based milk alternatives too.

            Fun fact – one of the daughters of the Timbertrove owners is plant-based so it is important to us that everyone has a range of choices at the café, no matter their diet!

  1. Do you have gluten free options?

Yes – if you are coeliac or gluten intolerant we have lots of choice for you. We have gluten free bread for our sandwiches, gluten free brownies, chocolate cake and carrot cake. Our soup and crumbles are always gluten free too. Please let your server know you are gluten free on ordering and we can advise you as best we can on what is suitable for you!


We have both vegan and gluten free treat boxes available to purchase at the café or to order online, for you or anyone in your life who has a special diet. You can order them here: https://www.timbertrovecafe.com/gluten-free-treat-box-265-p.asp / https://www.timbertrovecafe.com/vegan-treat-box-241-p.asp

  1. What are your seating options?

In the last three years we have revamped our seating so there is more space for you all to come and visit the café, and we can serve everyone efficiently and quickly. We now operate as takeaway only with heated outdoor seating options in The Barn or inside any of our display sheds (available for purchase through the Timbertrove sawmill). We clean inside these seating areas regularly and best of all, it means your four legged friends can join you at Timbertrove!

  1. Are you dog friendly?

Yes! We love to see your pets at Timbertrove and even have a special doggie menu, which we donate a percentage of the proceeds from to the amazing DSPCA nearby. Our dog menu has items like pupcakes, puppucinos, and sausages, all made with special dog friendly ingredients.

  1. What are your opening hours?

We open Tuesday – Sunday from 9.30am until 4.30pm, and are closed on Mondays except for Bank Holiday Mondays.