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Massy's Special Lunch Deal


Massy's Special Lunch Deal


The Massey's Special includes a hearty gourmet sandwich of your choice, Soup of the Day and a cold can. The sandwiches available are:

Ham & Cheese - Classic cheddar cheese and baked ham served toasted on sourdough bread.

Country Café Special - Chicken with chedder cheese, tomatoes, red onion & Ballymaloe Country Relish served on granary brown bread.

Chicken & Pesto - Chicken & pesto mix with rocket leaves, sundried tomatoes & red onion served on a rustic ciabatta.

Timbertrove Ham Special - Baked ham, swiss cheese, sundried tomatoes, red onion, rocket leaves & Ballymaloe Jalapeno Relish served on a sesame nigella panini.

Cajun Chicken - Cooked chicken in a mix of spices and mayonnaise, topped with swiss cheese on a rustic ciabatta. 

Bacon & Sausage - Streaky bacon & sausage served on rustic ciabatta bread. 

Veggie Special - Roasted Mediterranean vegetables,feta cheese, rocket leaves & Ballymaloe Country Relish served on a rustic ciabatta. Option: replace vegan cheese 50c.

Vegan Sunflower Chickpea - Chickpeas, sunflower seeds and red onion, tossed in an egg-free mayonnaise dill mix, topped with rocket leaves and fresh tomato slices served on granary bread