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About Us


In the early 1980's, we began the initial operations of our sawmill in the Dublin Mountains. O'Kelly's Sawmill & The Shed Man was officially established in 1986 by Henry & Shirley O'Kelly. Over the past 35+ years the company has grown and re-branded under the name Timbertrove. 

Disaster struck in 2009 with the collapse of the construction sector which led to our sales evaporating overnight. There was a huge increase in walkers and cyclists visiting the area, particularly the Hell Fire Club and Massy's Wood. We started serving coffee and treats, and soon recognised the potential which led to the establishment of the Country Store and Cafe at Timbertrove. 

Our mission was to serve home baked food with good coffee in the heart of the Dublin Mountains in a cosy setting, while enjoying the breath-taking views overlooking Dublin Bay and the Dublin Mountains.

Now, our best selling product at Timbertrove is a Scone!

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We are proud to present our book The Story of Timbertrove written by Shirley O'Kelly. The book launched on September 27th 2022 and is available to purchase online and in-store. To order your copy click here


 … two people, from ordinary backgrounds, who     both left school early, mad keen to work, and       who found they shared the same dreams of   success.

 … how they succeeded in achieving their dreams – through hard work, ongoing learning, a lot of   help and a bit of luck.

 … how they overcame two recessions – though   the last one almost cost them everything –   through sheer self-belief and determination.

 … a small family business, with super, hard-   working, loyal employees, that grew and retrenched – and grew again.

… the challenges of running a small business today – the day-in, day-out grind, the obstacles and hassles.

… the joy of running a small business today – meeting and serving customers, freedom in decision-making, seeing the direct results of your efforts.

… a family of entrepreneurs, beginning again now in the third-generation.

Most of all, it’s the story of Shirley and Henry, of their family, of O’Kelly’s Sawmills and Timbertrove, of up and downs, good times and bad. 

THE STORY OF TIMBERTROVE is a story of dreams made real.