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Top 5 Hikes Near Timbertrove Cafe, Dublin Mountains

Calling the Dublin Mountains home since the café opened in 2009, and since our sawmill opened prior to that in the 1980s, we have come to know some excellent hikes on our doorstep that are suitable for hikers of every level. Spending a morning in the fresh air on a rewarding hike followed by a hot Timbertrove lunch or dessert sounds like the perfect antidote to the stresses of everyday life to us – read on for our 5 favourites, and get planning your next day out in the Dublin Mountains!

1. The Hellfire Club

Located on Montpelier Hill just 200m from Timbertrove, The Hellfire Club offers a variety of short path walks suitable for families and groups, or longer more challenging forest hikes for those who wish. At the very top of the hill sits an old hunting lodge and many legends surround the building. While ghost stories and tales vary, one thing is sure – the view of Dublin City and beyond from the top of the Hellfire Club is unrivalled. On a fine day the Mourne Mountains in Northern Ireland can even be seen in the distance. We suggest a hot chocolate and a cookie after this walk – the kids will love both!

 Hellfire Club, Dublin Mountains

2. Massey’s Estate

150m from Timbertrove lies Massey’s Estate, a historic forest and woodland area that once enclosed a magnificent mansion, the ruins of which can still be seen today. A Nature Trail walk with signs goes around the perimeter of the forest and is suitable (and a firm favourite) for children and families. A great number of tree species and flora can be seen around Massey’s, many of which were brought in from countries far away. Signs in front of both indigenous and nonindigenous trees state their origin and history in the forest. This walk can be slightly muddier than the Hell Fire Club, particularly in Winter, but that makes it all the more fun! Relax and settle into a quieter afternoon after the excitement of Massey’s with a cappuccino and one of our muffins.

3. Cruagh Wood

Once Massey’s Estate ends, Cruagh begins, a wonderful looped walking trail leading to a summit with breath taking views of Dublin City. This hike can be a little more challenging depending on the route taken, with access to the summit via sleepers, but the view is more than enough reward! We recommend fuelling up before arriving to the forest, in case you decide to walk a little further across to Tibradden via Cruagh, or want to rest at either of the benches on the Cruagh loop walk for a snack and a pit stop. A coffee in a Timbertrove Keep Cup and our raw energy caramel square will both travel well – and trust us, you will be grateful for them!


4. Tibradden

Just past Cruagh lies Tibradden forest. As well as ZIPIT Forest Adventures and further views of Dublin, Tibradden forest also provides plenty of local history – at the highest point of Tibradden is an open cairn and burial site, a registered National Monument. The Tibradden Mountain Trail is a gentle walk and then a hike to the cairn and will take about two hours, so grab lunch first! Drive to Tibradden via Timbertrove and pick up our customer’s favourite chicken and pesto sandwich beforehand. You can even treat yourself to a scone after if you wish…

5. Lough Bray

Though technically in Wicklow, about a 15 minute drive from Timbertrove lies Lough Bray – a 6.6km challenging looped walk with stunning views over the lake. Steep and muddy sections with little path mean Lough Bray is for experienced hikers only, but an excellent afternoon out for those looking for a new challenge. Make a day of it and pick up breakfast in Timbertrove en route – a croissant, sausage and bacon panini or one or two sausage rolls will do the trick – and grab a treat afterwards on your way home (a warm cup of tea and a raspberry white chocolate scone in your near future will push you further once the trail gets a little tricky!).

We’d love to hear if you try any of these walks or hikes in our local area. Send us your pictures via Instagram - @TimbertroveCafe.